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The Three Fundamentals Of An In-house Calling Team


Build the foundational systems needed to run your call center, including our GHL snapshot, slack setup, make blueprints, auto scheduler and lots more!


Learn to build comprehensive dashboards for your clients' results and call center stats allowing you to make data driven decisions in your agency.


Learn to hire, train and manage your calling team including how to retain A+ talent, build an incredible culture and incentivise your setters.

This is not an SMMA coaching program.

This is not a "I guarantee you a million clients next month or nothing happens" offer.

This is a program that teaches agency owners doing at least $10k per month in revenue how to build out an in house calling team that can phone and nurture your clients leads on their behalf.


Because so many agencies focus on new sales and closing PIFs, but never focus on "how do I actually KEEP my clients?".

Combining an online call center with your existing SMMA provides exponentially better results to your clients and makes your service way stickier...and a stickier service means more money.

Building an in-house call center may not be the sexiest offer out there, but it's the one that is going to make you a sh*t ton more money.

There is absolutely nothing like this call center training out there anywhere.

I break the entire process down step by step and hold your hand every step of the way.

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